All  Bulls  Genomic Tested 

​See  you  there  !!


   SKEAN   ANGUS    270.535.4123


See'ya  at  Glasgow  on  April  8  @  12:00 pm

All  Bulls  BVD  PI  Free

These bulls will sell at Farmers Regional Livestock Market - Glasgow,  Ky  on Monday April  8  2019 @  12:00 pm

Ruby's protege is Kiki Skean.   Let's just say she is still a work in progress  !!

​And special thanks to Ruby Skean ..... 

14 years and contemplating retirement !      

The bulls will be available for viewing at Farmers Regional Livestock Market on Sunday April  7  2019 -

or anytime prior to that at the farm in Alvaton - just call Tim @ 270.535.4123

​A few words about the bulls .......  We love this set of bulls.  They truly do get a little better every year.  We would not hesitate to keep any bull in this group for our breeding program.   And as far as breeding heifers goes , every bull in the bunch (except for 723) should be just fine on heifers ( heifers bred to 733 and 745 might require a little more attention though ).  These bulls will also leave behind some pretty darn good daughters !!  We see it every Fall.

​            Videos of these bulls will be posted here in early March. 


           Call Tim Skean @ 270.535.4123  if you have any questions